Thrive DC has been working to prevent and end homelessness in the Washington Metropolitan area for 37 years providing homeless and low-income individuals a comprehensive range of services, including twice-daily meals onsite, lunch to go, an Emergency Pantry, job training, employment support and housing assistance.

This year the homeless population in Washington, DC increased by 15% to 8,350 homeless individuals. For the first time, there are more homeless families than homeless individuals.

Last year we served 137,000 meals, saw 250 people a day, and gave out 61,000 emergency supplies like socks, underwear, coats, shampoo, and maxipads. We are just 1 of 5 places in the city the homeless can wash their clothes for free, and 1 of just 7 places they can take a shower outside of a shelter.

Many of the clients we serve are diagnosed with mental illness, some struggle with substance abuse, others have been victims of domestic violence or sexual assault, and a majority live with chronic health problems, who do not have regular access to crucial care.

Thrive DC provides a low-barrier, vitally needed safety net for all these individuals, where they can get the help they need to be able to successfully face food insecurity, extreme poverty and homelessness and to take the first step towards independence and self-sufficiency.

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